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National Guard soldier at Fort Lewis Washington is arrested

A National Guard soldier at Fort Lewis, Washington, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of trying to pass information about military capabilities to the al Qaeda terrorist organization, military officials said.

This is unbelievable news. How tragic. This treasonous loser is in the same Brigade as some of our GUNED members getting ready to ship off to Iraq! He was caught trying to give weapons information to al Qaeda! Spc. Ryan G. Anderson should be convicted of treason, and either shot by military firing squad or hung from the gallows. Reports say this idiot converted to Islam several years ago.

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I refuse to stand by and say nothing about these kind of actions taken

by military personnel, FBI agents like Robert Hanson,

former presidents

of the United States, or anyone else WHO WILL SELL US OUT! I say we need swift and non discriminatory

action when the nation’s security is at risk.

Read More On Anderson The Traitor.

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