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Cryo Chamber

A Girl with an X-ray vision

Moscow’s medical workers discovered a magnificent gift of a sixteen-year-old girl Natalya Demkina from Saransk. The girl possesses “dual vision”. She is capable of discerning a person’s internal organs without using X-ray or ultrasound.

Natasha has already disproved several medical diagnoses and has not made any mistakes. A series of medical experiments conducted in one of the clinics provide substantial and undeniable proofs of the girls’ unique abilities.

“Growing up, my daughter was just an ordinary child,” states Natasha’s mother Tatyana Vladimirovna. “Perhaps, she just a bit more mature than other kids her age. Natasha started to talk when she was only 6 months old. At 1, she could already recite Pushkin and Nekrasov by heart. By 3, Natasha mastered the alphabet and learned to operate a snowmobile,” continues her mother. “Since early childhood, Natasha has been resistant to cold temperatures. She practically walked around naked till winter. She once walked barefoot in the snow after sauna [Rus. banya] Overall, she was just a normal kid. Never was she able to see through humans!”

The Demkins family remains puzzled as to the origin of their daughter”s gift. Perhaps, Natasha”s latest surgery has triggered such “vision improvement”. Natasha”s appendix has been removed. However, by the time she was scheduled to be sent home from the hospital, she could hardly move. Ultrasound revealed that doctors forgot to remove sanitary cotton tampons from the girl”s intestines. Natasha was once again hospitalized and operated for the second time. In a month after that incident, the teenager was able to surprise her mother with her unique quality. “I see a crimped tube similar to our vacuum cleaner inside of you. I also see two beans and a tomato that resembles a bulls’ heart,” states the girl. Back then, she was not aware of medical terminology and could not provide a proper name for a heart, a liver, a kidney, or intestines. She simply compared what she saw to fruits and vegetables.

Medical workers of children’s hospital N1 decided to conduct several experiments in order to gain some insight into the girl”s gift. Natasha was shown a woman with a whole bunch of illnesses. The girl managed to list every single one of them. Further ultrasound examination simply proved her final diagnosis.

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