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Cryo Chamber

Top 11 lame excuses given by the Blaster Worm suspect

11) I was tired of seeing those Trustworthy Computing ads. Not so trusting now, are you, Bill?

10) My science teacher got this grant from the Torvalds Foundation to develop a Windows self-perpetuating algorithm, and I thought, “Sounds like an easy A!”

9) The “Do-It-Yourself Sobig.X Virus Kit” just didn’t do it for me

8) While at a frat party, someone dared me to “Do the worm”

(7 more… keep going!)

7) “Master Blaster runs Barter Town!”

6) I was jealous that Star Wars Kid was getting all the attention

5) Orrin Hatch told me to destroy all computers downloading files from KaZaA

4) My 15 minutes of fame, and I didn’t have to kill anyone

3) I had decided not to send it when all of a sudden my dog Spam jumped up and hit the send key

2) I was just following the Windows design parameters

1) That’s not what a “Hello, World” application does?

From: Network Computing

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