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Cryo Chamber

This letter reminded me of one reason Gore lost in Arkansas…

…many, many people repeated the lies that Gore “would take away their guns…all their guns…and stop hunting!”

Now even a yellow-dog Democrat might vote Republican if he thinks you are going to take away his guns and his right to get away from it all in the woods.

Does Bush have an appreciation of fine fire-arms and a basic knowledge of woodsmanship? I rather doubt it! But he probably knows a lot about Wild Turkey. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)The following letter came from:

THE CLARK TRIBUNE – Thursday, September 25, 2003

Welcome to the Clark Tribune, the daily ‘All Things Clark’ newsletter keeping you up to date and commenting on the Wesley Clark movement. This newsletter is by the Clark movement and for the Clark movement, so please send events, comments, or thoughts with the word ‘PUBLISH’ in the subject line and I will, well, publish them. Please put ‘PUBLISH’ in the subject line if you want it in the Trib. To subscribe to the Clark Tribune, send a blank email to or go to

A Letter on Clark, Hunting, and Kansas

Though I live in the fount of elitist liberal pointy-headedism (boston), I agree with Matthew on this.

As an English teacher, writer, avid hunter (not a

member of the NRA),and Kansas resident, I wanted to

pass along an observation I made during Jean

Carnahan’s campaign.

Yes, I know, she ran in Missouri; however, she put a

line out about her interest in hunting–not in

automatic guns, and the rhetoric eventually evolved

into bumper stickers: Sportsmen for Carnahan and

Outdoorsmen for Carnahan.

Carnahan may have lost, but she drew many

outdoorsmen–including young republicans–into her

camp with the message. I’m a democrat, but I hunt, and

I want to keep hunting. In talking to those around

me–the other hunters/conservative outdoorsman, the

same issue surfaces. These voters are not rednecks,

but they will side with Bush if the message isn’t clear.

Keep at it.

Best regards,

Matthew A. Carolan

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