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Cops say teen blew off hand making bomb

Used to be in the good ‘ol days a kid could have a lot of fun building pretty good sized bangers. The kids nowadays just want to take it a little further and build the ultimate block shaker- OH! But wait! Isn’t that how Alfred Noble started, the inventor of dynamite? A little here, a little there, a couple of close calls with death- and WA-LA, multi-millionaire and success story. Only trouble is, what was this kid REALLY trying to do???

A teenager blew off one of his hands Monday while mixing a dangerous cocktail of petric acid and other bombmaking chemicals, authorities said.

At 11:30 a.m., the quiet, tree-lined block of Witler Street near Hoff in the Northeast was converged upon by law-enforcement officers, the bomb squad and counterterrorism units, police said.

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