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Cryo Chamber

Amusing and Contains Truth in That Y2K Prep Has Really Helped in Blackout Areas

I don’t really know how to classify this but it is classic slackov and somewhat humorous.

American East Coast ATTACKED by Off planet ALIENS!

NEWS ALERT! The Slackov.Com (good) Aliens have been sending EXTRA guns to the BLACKOUT AREAS! The (good) Aliens are now also DELIVERING FREE CANDLES AND BATTERIES! Please Everyone, STAY INSIDE and HIDE From the EVIL (bad) ALIENS! Your EXTRA GUNS and CANDLES are being distributed as you read this! PLEASE HOLD ON…. Do Not Panic! (Too Much.) Do Not Go on a Insane RAMPAGE!

BTW; The Good ALIENS said to get used to stuff like this! So, STOCK UP on AMMO, FOOD, WATER, First Aid Kits, and BATTERIES! You should have saved your MILLENIUM SURVIVAL KITS! —BEWARE! The (bad) ALIENS are mad at the USA because of “Name Withheld” breaking the “Peace Treaty.”—

MORE NEWS as soon as it arrives!

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