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The Savage Firing of Michael Savage

I am sure you all hear news about the firing of some guy you never heard, though you have heard the name before. Or perhaps you have listened to this guy before and thought he was a loudmouth (which my wife does)

Look now. The guy is a tasteless loudmouth but no more than Morton Downey was… Right? Remember that guy? Heck, Geraldo was fighting with people on his show. Stern gets away with it all day long.

(more…)MSNBC has every right to fire the guy. The thing about them is their ratings were falling into the toilet so they tried to be like Fox News and get some conservative view points in there. It worked. Their ratings are climbing every day but they KNOW how Savage is. They knew it and they still know. They made a mistake bringing him on to begin with. Conservatives don’t like the way family values are going down the tube as it is.

What would that teach your children who are watching during dinner with you and that kind of talk goes on. I try to shelter my children… They will get their fill when they start school.

I personally like listening to Michael. I know what I am getting into when I turn him on. I don’t suppose the MSNBC viewers expect that though.

Note: The guy was fired, if you hadn’t heard, because some prankster (East Coast Bob) trying to make a name for himself called in and got past Savage’s screeners then ribs the guy. Michael Savage had a right to blast the guy back, but he should have known that the guy was wanting it. Oh well. Hope he gets his radio show back on.


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